No-Knead Pizza Dough

This recipe, from Jim Lahey’s My Pizza, is simple, quick, and delicious.  It doesn’t require proofing of your yeast or kneading of the dough.  Just combine all the ingredients in a bowl the day before, and you’ll be ready to cook pizza the next day.  It’s designed to be cooked on a pizza stone under the broiler (check out How to Make Brick Oven-Style Pizza in Your Oven), but it works with any pizza recipe.  In case you’re reading this recipe on the day you plan to make pizza and you don’t have time to let your dough rise, see our Thick Crust Pizza Dough recipe (cut the recipe in half to achieve a similar dough thickness to this recipe).  It takes more prep work but only has to rise 30 minutes. Shaped Dough

No-Knead Pizza Dough

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Rise Time: 18 hours

Cook Time: 5-7 minutes

Serves: 2


25o g. Flour (about 2 c minus 2 tbsp)
1/8 tsp. Yeast
1 tsp. Fine Sea Salt
3/4 c. Water

1.  Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly until all flour has been worked in.  Transfer to a lightly oiled bowl if desired. Pizza Dough 2.  Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow to rise on the counter 12-18 hours. Risen Dough 3.  While the oven is warming, put the dough on a lightly floured surface (I use my pizza peel or a wooden cutting board).  Pull opposite sides of the dough into the center then repeat with remaining two sides.  This should form a ball.  Flip the dough ball over so the seam side is down.  Lightly dust the top with flour and allow to rest until the oven is hot. 4.  Once the oven is hot, it’s time to shape the dough.  You don’t want to press down on the dough or use a rolling pin.  It will force all the air bubbles out of the dough that give it that nice, airy texture. I hang the dough off the backs of my knuckles, moving my hands around the edges of the dough, allowing gravity to stretch it. Hanging Dough Then I put it on the pizza peel and pull on opposite sides of the dough, stretching it until it has reached the desired size. Stretching Dough Note: You want to keep your pizza peel adequately floured!  If you don’t mind the texture, you could also use corn meal.  It is incredibly frustrating if your dough sticks when you go to slide the pizza onto the pizza stone.  Once it’s shaped, give it a little shake to make sure the dough moves on the peel.  If not, you’ll have to unstick it with your hands and add more flour.  Don’t shake it too much though.  The dough is elastic so it shrinks back on itself every time you shake it. 5.  Now that you’ve shaped your dough and made sure it isn’t stuck, you’re ready to top the pizza and cook it.

Shaped Dough

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