Avocado Spread

I’ve been on a bit of an avocado kick this year, working them into many of my dishes.  They’re good for you and have great flavor.  Originally I didn’t like the texture of avocado chunks in my food.  So I started mashing up my avocado and combining it with Greek yogurt, adding creaminess and protein.  While this mixture was an improvement over the avocado pieces, I knew I could make it better.  After experimenting with flavors and spices, this avocado spread was born.  You could think of it like a creamy guacamole with a nice smooth texture.

Avocado Spread

This spread is very quick and easy to make.  There’s almost no prep work.  You just throw everything together in a blender or food processor and give it a whirl.  I always keep a batch of this on-hand in my fridge.  I use it as a mayonnaise substitute on sandwiches and burgers and as a sour cream substitute in Mexican dishes.  It also makes a nice dip in place of guacamole.  This spread is very tasty, and you can feel good about getting some nutritious avocado and protein-packed Greek yogurt into your food!

Avocado Spread

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serves: ~8


1 ripe Avocado, pitted and peeled (see our Tips for Cooking with Avocado)
1/2 c. Greek Yogurt
2 tsp. Lime Juice
1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder
1-2 tbsp. Fresh Cilantro, chopped
1-2 tsp. Chipotle Hot Sauce (optional)

1.  Combine the avocado, Greek yogurt, lime juice, garlic powder, cilantro, and hot sauce (if desired) in a blender or food processor.

Tip: Cilantro stems pack just as much flavor as their leaves.  While I avoid them in garnishes for texture’s sake, they’re great to include in sauces and marinades.  For this dish, I don’t take the time to pluck the cilantro leaves from the stems.  I just chop them all up together and throw them in the blender!

Ingredients in Blender

Note: The hot sauce is not a mandatory ingredient but adds an extra dimension to the dish.  I use chipotle-flavored because chipotles and avocados complement each other well.  Whether or not I add the hot sauce depends on how I’m using the spread.  If I’m using it as a dip or sandwich spread, I often include it.  If I’m using it in a Mexican dish that already contains chipotles, I skip it.

2.  Puree the ingredients together in your blender or food processor until you have a nice smooth spread.  In my blender I use a low speed setting (2 out of 12) to keep the spread in contact with the blades.  High speeds tend to throw the ingredients up and against the sides of the pitcher preventing them from mixing well.

3.  Season with a little salt and pepper and stir to combine.

Avocado Spread

Tip: This avocado spread doesn’t brown as badly as guacamole, but it will lose some of its color over time.  If you’re serving the spread later and want to help it stay green, brush the top with a little water and press plastic wrap onto its surface.

Now you’ve got a creamy avocado spread that you can use as a dip in place of guacamole, as a spread for sandwiches or burgers, or as a sour cream substitute in tacos or burritos.  I recommend trying it with our Chicken Tinga or Chipotle Stout Braised Beef… enjoy!


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