Easy Chicken Pot Pie

There are many ways to make a pot pie, but the basics remain the same: crust, meat, gravy, and vegetables. I actually have two different recipes that I use depending on when I’m making it. I use Alton Brown’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe when I have the time to be in the kitchen and really put some love in it. (If you ever have the opportunity to watch his episode “A Bird in the Pie is Worth Two in the Bush,” I would highly recommend it. Talk about an authority on food…) And I have a recipe I developed a couple years ago for a quick and easy pot pie that’s still super delicious. It is especially handy now that I’m a working mom who works 50 minutes from home. Shaving time off meal preparation is something I’m becoming quite good at! This recipe can be made in under 45 minutes and is super delicious!


My little girl is a huge veggie lover (Yay!) but isn’t super fond of meat. So I am now trying to make dinners at least a couple times a week that “hide” the meat. Which is just completely backwards… Isn’t it the veggies you usually have hide?? Anyways… I use a pound of veggies and a pound of meat, so there are equal parts meat and vegetable. If you prefer a meatier pie, you can certainly add another half pound.

Start by browning your chicken in a large fry or sauté pan with nice edges (you’ll be filling ‘er up). Use a couple tablespoons of olive oil; add the chicken once the oil is hot. After the first flip, sprinkle your chicken with a little of the following: oregano, sage, salt, pepper, parsley, paprika, and onion powder. Just enough to get a little on each piece for a good seasoning. Flip and repeat.


While you cook your chicken, lightly grease a deep dish pie plate and line it with one of the pie crusts. You want to be sure you let the crusts come up to room temp before rolling them out or they’ll crack – like mine did here. But no worries, just press to seal the cracks with your fingers. You do want to be more careful with the top one though, it’s not as easy to mend.


Now remove the chicken from the pan to a plate to rest. Add the frozen veggies to the same hot pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook until tender, about 5 minutes.

While the veggies are cooking and after the chicken has rested a couple minutes, roughly chop into bite sized cubes, or shred if you prefer.

Now add the flour to the veggies and stir until the flour has dissolved. Dump in the chicken broth and cook, stirring occasionally, until thickened. When you first add it, it will obviously look pretty watery, like chicken broth (imagine that). But as it cooks down, the flour will thicken the broth and you’ll get something that looks like this…


When you have a thickened sauce, add the heavy cream. Again, it’s not going to look very good a first.


But as it cooks down, it will thicken and you’ll end up with a nice, thick sauce/gravy. At this point, add the chicken back to the pan and give everything a little stir.


Now dump your filling into the crust. Warning – this will fill it up!


Carefully unroll the second crust and lay it on top. Using your fingers, work your way around the edge, folding the excess down towards the pie, and sealing it with the edge of the bottom crust against the sides. So fold over and press to crimp and seal.


Continue until the entire edge is sealed and crimped.


Using a sharp paring knife, cut four or five slits in the top of the crust and make a little hole in the middle, to allow steam to escape. Beat the egg and brush it all over the crust. (Note: you do not need all the egg)


Bake in your preheated oven for about 20 minutes, or until the crust is brown and the filling is bubbling.


Let it rest for a few minutes before serving.


Variation: If you find yourself without pie crusts, you can obviously make them yourself, or you can use canned biscuits or crescent rolls. Just press them into the bottom and spread out on top. You can also use Bisquick to make a quick biscuit batter, and just drop by the tablespoon full on top of the filling in a baking dish. With biscuits or crescent rolls, you can press each one into a well of a muffin tin and make individual little pies.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Cook Time: 35 min

Yields: 1 deep dish pie (6-8 servings)

2 pie crusts
1-1 1/2 pounds chicken
1 lb bag frozen mixed vegetables
2 cups chicken broth
2 Tbsp flour
1 cup heavy cream
Onion powder

1. Add a couple Tbsp olive oil to large sauté pan. When hot, add chicken. After first flip, sprinkle chicken with a little of each of salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, sage, paprika, and onion powder. Cook until completely cooked through. Remove from pan and let rest.

2. Add vegetables to same pan and cook, stirring occasionally until heated through. While cooking veggies, chop or shred chicken into bite-sized pieces.

3. Add 2 Tbsp flour to cooked veggies and stir until flour is completely dissolved.

4. Add the chicken broth and cook until thickened, just a couple minutes.

5. Add the heavy cream and cook, stirring occasionally until thickened, just a couple minutes more.

6. Add the chicken back to the pan and stir to distribute. Pour mixture into pie crust.

7. Top with other crust. Using your fingers, crimp and seal the edges. Cut four or five small slits in the top and make a small hole in the middle to allow steam to escape.

8. Beat egg and brush on top of crust.

9. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until crust is brown and filling in bubbling. Let sit for a couple minutes before serving.


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