Fontina and Prosciutto Stuffed Pork Chops

Looking for the perfect dish to impress that special someone?  Maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion?  Or perhaps you’re just looking to enjoy an indulgent meal?  This pork chop is just the ticket – It’s tenderness and rich flavor gives the dish a luxuriant feel, but the recipe is easy enough that anyone can make it.  Really, how could you go wrong with pork stuffed with more pork?!  Throw in some nice, creamy cheese and you’ve got a dish to die for!

Stuffed Chops

Pork, while delicious, can be a little difficult to cook.  If not treated properly, it has a tendency to dry out and become tough.  There are a couple things you can do to help avoid this.  First, start with high-quality pork.  I order pork from heritage breed pigs online.  Once you’ve tried heritage pigs, you’ll have a hard time going back to your typical grocery store pork chops… You can also brine your pork chops, as we’ll do in this recipe from Tyler Florence.  The brine will help your pork chops retain moisture, keeping them tender and juicy while they cook.

Fontina and Prosciutto Stuffed Pork Chops

Prep Time: 40 minutes (including marination)

Cook Time: 25-30 minutes

Serves: 2


2 Pork Chops, thick-cut and bone-in
4 c. Water
2 tbsp. Sugar
2 tbsp. Kosher Salt
2 sprigs Thyme
5 Whole Cloves
3 Allspice Berries
4 slices Prosciutto
2 slices Fontina Cheese
Olive Oil
1/4 c. Chicken Broth
2 tbsp. Butter

1.  First, make the brine for your pork: Combine the water, sugar, kosher salt, thyme, cloves, and allspice berries.  Pour the brine over the chops and marinate 30 minutes.

Brine the Chops

2.  While the chops are brining, you can make your prosciutto bundles by wrapping the prosciutto around the slice of fontina.

3.  Drain your pork chops and pat them dry.  Cut the pork chops to create a horizontal pocket in the middle of each chop (see below).

Pork Chop Pocket

4.  Stuff your prosciutto bundles into the pockets of the pork chops minimizing the amount of prosciutto sticking out of the chops.  Depending on the size of your cheese slices, this may be difficult.  Just do the best you can.  I usually have to fold the edge of the fontina-prosciutto bundle and cram it back into the pocket.  Secure with toothpicks (Tip: Soak your toothpicks in water while the pork chops are brining to prevent burning).

Stuff chops

5.  Heat a skillet (an oven-safe one if you’ve got it) over medium-high heat and add two turns of olive oil.  Once the oil is hot, add your pork chops to the skillet and sear 4-5 minutes on each side until golden.

6.  If your skillet is oven safe, move it into the oven.  If not, transfer the pork chops and their juices to an oven-safe baking dish (I recommend preheating the dish in the oven while the chops sear).  Bake at 425°F 10-15 minutes until pork chops are cooked through.

7.  Set the pork chops aside to rest and put the skillet with the juices back on the stove over medium heat.  (If you had to use a baking dish, pour the juices from the dish back into the skillet you used originally).  Add chicken broth to the skillet and stir, scraping the bottom.  Fold in the butter, whisking to thicken the sauce.  Season with salt and pepper.

8.  Plate your pork chops and drizzle with the pan sauce.  Grab a steak knife and cut into one of the juiciest pork chops you’ll ever have – DELISH!

Stuffed Chop Dinner

To make this a meal, serve with a couple Veggies and Sides.  I like to have these pork chops with Roasted Smashed Potatoes and a green vegetable.  I recommend avoiding sides that also contain prosciutto (like our Sauteed Chard with Prosciutto) as it can overpower the meal.  On a side note, fontina and prosciutto are also a great combo with chicken – just stuff the chicken with fontina, wrap it in prosciutto, and bake.


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