Pesto Pizza

This is one of the first “gourmet” pizzas I attempted to make.  Before then, I made a basic cheese pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella.  Looking to branch out, I gave this pizza a try and it was a great success.  It’s wonderfully cheesy, and the fresh herbs give it a nice brightness.  I’ve tried lots of pizza recipes since making this one, and this Pesto Pizza remains one of my favorites!

Pesto PizzaPesto Pizza

Prep Time: 15-20 minutes (does not include time to make dough)

Cook Time: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 2-3


Thick Crust Pizza Dough
Garlic Olive Oil
Garlic Bread seasoning
~1/2 c. Pesto (Try making your own with our recipe)
~6 oz. Marinated Mozzarella, sliced
1 slice Prosciutto, torn into pieces
1/4 c. chopped Fresh Parsley
3 tbsp. chopped Fresh Basil
3+ tbsp. Parmesan cheese (I use freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano)

1.  Brush the edges of the pizza dough with garlic olive oil then sprinkle the edge with garlic bread seasoning.  This makes eating the crust almost like eating a breadstick… yum!

2.  Assemble your toppings.

This pizza requires A LOT of chopped fresh herbs.  Normally, I chop herbs with my chef’s knife, but when I need this many herbs I use this handy herb chopping tool by OXO that I picked up at Williams-Sonoma.

Herb Cutter

This is my favorite marinated mozzarella.  It’s flavor and texture is better than the braided, plastic-wrapped variety.

Marinated Mozzarella

Pesto Pizza Toppings

3.  Now that you’ve got your toppings ready, spread the pesto over your pizza dough.  You can find pesto at the grocery store either in the refrigerated section with the fresh pasta or in jars near the pasta sauce.  It’s also very easy to make your own – check out our Classic Pesto recipe!

4.  Top with your marinated mozzarella and prosciutto.  Keep in mind that while delicious, prosciutto is also very salty, so make sure to spread it out.

5.  Next, sprinkle the parsley and basil over the pizza and top with your parmesan.  I like to let some of the parmesan fall onto the crust to give it extra flavor.

Finish with Parmesan

6.  Now you’re ready to bake your pizza.  Bake at 400° for 15-20 minutes until the crust is golden and the cheese is brown and bubbly.

Tip: I cook mine on parchment paper on a pizza stone (If you don’t have a pizza stone, you should get one!).  When cooking on a pizza stone, you want to make sure you give the stone time to get hot.  It needs to be in the oven at the desired temperature for 30 minutes prior to use so plan accordingly.

Pesto Pizza

Yummy!  Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on a slice of this cheesy, herbacious pizza…


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