How to Keep Herbs Fresh

I love cooking with fresh herbs.  They bring such brightness and flavor to a dish!  It’s best if you can grow them yourself, but sometimes your only option is to buy them at the store.  Unfortunately, the store sells them in such large bundles it’s hard to use them all before they go bad.  I hate wasting food, so I found a way to keep my herbs fresh longer following this simple trick…

So, when you get home from the grocery store, you’ve got your fresh herbs in one of their plastic produce bags.

First, get the herbs out of that bag and remove that twist tie that they come with.

Herbs Unwrapped

Pick through and discard any leaves that are already looking a little worse for wear.  They’ll only contaminate your good leaves.  Then place them in a zipper storage bag.  It’s even better if you poke a few holes in the bag with a straight pin first.  Do not wash your herbs before placing them in the bag.  The idea is to minimize moisture!

Put Herbs in Ziplock

Once you’ve got them in the bag, put a paper towel in there with them.  This will help absorb moisture.  Next, squeeze out most of the air and seal.  You don’t want to crush your herbs, but you don’t want a giant pillow of air in your fridge either.

Herbs with Paper Towel

Now, store in your vegetable crisper drawer and use as needed.  It helps to check the paper towel from time to time.  If it becomes saturated, put a fresh towel in the bag.  Also, if you notice any leaves going bad, get them out of there!  This will help keep your herbs fresh longer.  I’ve had Italian parsley keep in the fridge like this for over a month!  Now you can buy your fresh herbs without worrying about them going bad before you use them up.


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