Barbeque Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

Barbeque sauce is wonderful.  It’s sweet, savory, and smoky all at the same time with the added bonus of a little spice.  Know what else is wonderful? … BACON!  Put the two together and you’ve got magic…

BBQ Bacon Chicken

Living in Juneau, it’s hard to find good barbeque.  I’m talking the good Southern stuff.  Only visiting the lower 48 twice a year, I’ve had to find some recipes to satisfy my BBQ hankering.  When I don’t feel like waiting for pulled pork  (my favorite form of BBQ), I turn to this super-simple, super-delicious recipe.  It’s the juiciest preparation of chicken I’ve ever made!

Barbeque Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes (including rest time)

Serves: 2

2 Chicken Breasts
4 slices Bacon
Barbeque Seasoning
Barbeque Sauce

1.  Season both sides of the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, and barbecue seasoning.

2.  Next, wrap the bacon around the chicken breasts and secure with toothpicks.  (Tip: Soaking the toothpicks in water for 30 minutes prior to using will reduce the amount they char).  In the photo I used turkey lacers rather than toothpicks to avoid burning.  However, the lacers have their drawback.  As you can see, they’re very long which can make it difficult to flip the chicken.

BBQ Bacon Chicken - Bacon Wrap

3.  Then brush the bacon-wrapped chicken with barbeque sauce.  I generally use either Jack Daniel’s or Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.

4.  Grill 10-15 minutes, turning partway through and basting occasionally.  (I like to baste at the 5 and 10 minute marks and top it off with extra BBQ sauce when it comes off the grill).  If you’re feeling extra decadent, you could melt cheese over the chicken in the last couple minutes of grilling.  I find it juicy and flavorful enough as is, but cheddar or smoked gouda would pair well with the BBQ sauce.

5.  Once chicken is cooked through, allow to rest 5 minutes prior to serving.  This step is important!  If you cut the chicken too soon, all those delicious juices will be lost (sad day).  I know it’s going to be hard to keep your hands off that mouth-watering, BBQ sauce-drenched gem, but it’s worth the wait!

BBQ Bacon Chicken - Dinner

Serve with a couple Veggies and Sides to make a meal.  I like having it with Quinoa Mac and Cheese with Spinach and a vegetable.  It’s also delicious with Southern Cornbread!


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